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The SENsory Fairy Ltd was founded by Sarah Auger in 2017, with the aim to positively impact the lives of children with special educational needs & disabilities, and their families, with seamless clothing sensory toys & lighting. 

Sarah has hands-on experience as a parent and understands the difficulties our children face day to day.  It's not just our children who struggle, being a parent to a SEND (Special educational needs & disabilities) child can be quite lonely, especially if those around us don't understand our child's condition, and can be even tougher when we haven't yet had a diagnosis, so it is just as important to look after our own wellbeing also.


We may want to isolate ourselves away, not attend family get-togethers or play dates because we worry about how other people may react.  Sarah can emphasise with this, it took many years for her to grow a thick skin, and rather than avoid get-togethers and play dates, she helps to educate people about her children's conditions, knowledge is key to knowing how we can help each other and make life a lot easier for everyone.

The SENsory Fairy Ltd has a small shop, Sarah, the founder, wanted to concentrate on a small number of products, clothing, toys and lights that she knows from her own personal experience with her children, can help calm a child during a sensory meltdown, or help avoid one altogether.  She is also a firm believer that creating a sensory calming space in our homes can be of huge benefit to the family.

Over on Facebook, you can find our Group 'SuperPower Mums with SuperPower Kids', it is fairly new and so in the growing stages at the moment.  The aim of the group is to be a knowledge base for special educational needs & disabilities, with a new guest speaker joining us live in the group every Thursday evening at 8.30pm.  Our speakers are a range of Experts, professionals and SEND parents talking about a variety of topics, most recently including "The UNSCHOOLING LIFE" - Unticking all the boxes society tells us to tick,  "Beyond just fussy eating" - from failing mum to winning mum, Speech and Language Therapist and our regular expert self-development coach Angie Freel from

Cogs - Online and The Self Development Book Club, who joins us on the 4th Thursday of the month.

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