Our magical visit to the park....premature baby milestones

Our magical visit to the park….premature baby milestones

A big hello there, today I will be blogging for the first time about our visit to our local park yesterday and a premature baby milestone.

Yesterday I took my son Owen -10 years old and Tilly – 21 months old, to our local park. Now you might be thinking well people do this all the time, and of course I always take them to the park, but today was extra special and magical for me, so let me explain a little background to this story.

Back in 2015 I was expecting twins, my waters broke at 22 weeks and I was hospitalised. I managed to reach 28 weeks before having an emergency c section. Teddy weighing 2lb 12oz, and Tilly weighing 2lb 5oz, had arrived quite abruptly, at 12 weeks premature it was a scary moment. Teddy passed away at 4 hours old and Tilly was in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), where she remained for 9 weeks. The day I brought her home was a miracle in itself, after everything that happened. Tilly developed later than other babies, for obvious reasons, and two weeks ago she stood up and walked for the first time, another magical miracle.

Yesterday we got ready to go to the park, wellies and thick warm coats on, the day after the storm named Doris, we weren’t taking any chances. We drove to the park and parked up, I decided I wasn’t taking the pram today and that Tilly could have a little walk with her reins on for the first time.

She managed to walk from the carpark to the café, and then from the café to the park, splashing through her first ever puddles in her new pink wellies. At this point I was already beaming with pride, nothing was holding her back, and I had wondered for a long time when this day would come, that she could walk so freely.

Owen headed straight for the muddy field with his ball, and was enjoying a good kick around with some other boys he had met, VERY muddy field might I add again. Tilly headed straight for the swings, giggling as she swung, putting her head back so she can look up to the sky. Tilly has a thing for planes in the sky and always says “oh wow” and waves, today she couldn’t see any through the clouds but she could hear them. Even just this simple thing she does makes me beam with such pride.

She wanted to go to the slide, so we walked over and she held my hand, she was trying to run over to them, not such a good idea when you are still mastering walking. I helped her up the steps and ran around to the slide, held her hand and “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” down she came. Straight away she stood up and walked me back over to the steps, this time wanting to climb up herself. BEAMING MUMMY PRIDE AGAIN. And down the slide she went, this went on for about another 10 goes, all by herself.

Owen came over absolutely covered in mud from head to toe literally, climbed up the slide and wanting to come down, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” I called, I didn’t want the slide covered in soggy mud. But it didn’t matter as another child came down and covered the slide in mud. And of course tilly wanted to come down again, so down she came and I now have two muddy, but very happy children.

Tilly had another go on the swings and the see-saw before we had to go. Now at this point Tilly threw herself onto the floor screaming, she didn’t want to leave, but I pointed out a massive puddle to her and she got back up and headed for it. Reins back on now as we headed for the puddle, silly mummy was wearing sandals!!!! Why on earth sandals when the kids have full weather proof gear on, I just blame fuzzy mummy brain for that. So anyway into the puddle she goes, me standing as far away as possible from it while holding her reins, and she falls, but mummy to the rescue and I lifted the reins and Tilly from the puddle before I had another child completely soaked through with mud. Back into the car and home to the smell of a roast cooking.

Now every parent is proud when their child reaches a milestone, but today it was extra special and magical for me. Tilly is slowly reaching her milestones and I feel like I’m the proudest mummy in the whole world.

I had to share this proud moment with you all, and all you other NICU parents out there will connect with this story, as every single day is special, as it is for normal term children too. And we must remember also that not all NICU babies are premature, some are full term but with some medical problems, but the staff at all these wonderful units are truly amazing for saving our precious baby’s lives.

See you all soon for my next blog, I could definitely get used to this, it’s a wonderful getting your feelings of pride and emotions written down.

Goodbye for now


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