SEN - That 1st week back at school

How's it going for your kids? And for you too? That first week back can affect both child and parents, and after only one day back in school for my son Owen, the 2nd day back I predicted what was coming. So rather than stress myself, and pressure him, I've made an appointment for him at the doctors. Owen can't explain to me if anything in school is causing him anxiety, but this morning he has tummy pains and feels sick. Now our doctors are aware of Owen's anxiety so are always understanding when we need to pop along to see them in order to help him back into school. And magically Owen always feels a bit better afterwards. Gone are the days where I didn't believe him and took him to school, only for the school to call and say I needed to come in, that always made him more anxious. He needs reassurance and understanding and looks to me his mother for that, so this situation this morning was expected. Although Owen doesn't realise what's making him feel the way he does, I know exactly, the change of classroom is one factor, Owen likes routine and when something changes, like a new class room and a new teacher, a new desk and chair, a different route to take to go down to the playground, all of these things contribute and cause an emotional overload. This emotional overload can then turn into sensory overload, the noise in the canteen at lunch time, the foundation kids high pitch voices, being surrounded by lots of people in assembly. And often lead to a meltdown at the end of the day, as it's all built up throughout the day. So today is the start of Owen's overloads again, but I know from experience these triggers at this time of year don't  carry on forever, it can last from a few days to a few weeks, and it's important for him to know I'm there for him and understand what's happening. When Owen was younger I didn't know any of this, I didn't know what was happening and how to deal with It, and many of you are probably there right now. Just know that as time goes on you become an expert at realising triggers and helping your child through them. This time of year can be very worrying for parents who have kids with SEN, and we are all in it together, you're stronger than you think because we are super parents. Sarah x 

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