Us parents need to really start looking after ourselves! Day 1 of Forever Livings C9 Programme.

Yes it can be hard being a parent, lets be honest about it! And when we have children with additional needs it can be extra hard can't it! We put ourselves last, the kids come first and our own health takes a back seat, well for me it certainly has, until now.

The kids will always come first, but I'm moving myself up the ladder to an almost joint first, a happy healthier me can only have a positive impact on family life.

After months of chatting with a friend of mine Sheila Patel, who is a Forever Living Business Owner at Aloe With Us (check her out on Facebook) I have decided to give the C9 Programme a go. It's hard to trust products that promise weight loss etc, and you need to be really careful that your still getting all the right nutrients that our bodies need. I need to point out the reason for me doing this programme isn't to lose weight, but that's an added bonus, I'm doing it so that I don't feel so yucky, so unmotivated, ill a lot of the time and to kickstart me to start eating clean, handmade from scratch healthy meals and snacks.

I have also checked with my GP about starting Aloe Vera products and have been given the green light as there no contraindications with any medications I am on or with any of my health conditions, do check with your own GP.

Sheila's career as a Pharmacist has given me trust in her knowledge of these products. Having followed her journey of using Aloe Vera after her Cancer diagnosis, and seeing how healthy she now is, it's something that I definitely want to try and am considering Aloe Vera for my kids too.

Check out the images down below to see what's involved in the 9 day programme.

Day 1

I expected today to be a very hard first day as previous detox's I have completed have given me headaches, the shakes and I craved food so much - NOT GOOD!

7.30am I had my 2 Garcinia Plus Soft Gels first off with lots of water and waited 30 minutes before having 120ml of Aloe Vera Gel. Ok the taste was a bit shocking to me at first, new tastes often are to me, but I decided to swallow it down in 2 large mouthfuls followed by water. There was no after taste so all was good, and then I took the Forever Therm Tablet, which is a combination of vitamins including B6 and B12 (I am B12 deficient so I also have my 3 monthly injections).

I made the kids breakfast but I really wanted some crunchy nut cornflakes too, but I didn't, I am determined to follow this programme right the way through. I expected that throughout the day I would crave cereal as that's my downfall, even at 10pm at night!

Mid morning came around fast and this is when I had 1 packet of Forever Fibre mixed with lots of water, the taste is minimal and was just like water really. I don't think I have enough fibre in my diet so I'm glad this comes with the programme.

Ive noticed that I'm urinating a bit more than usual, not excessively though, and probably because I am drinking more water than I usually do, and that's a good thing too.

Lunchtime has arrived and I'm not craving anything yet, I am impressed but know I'm only half way through the day. Throughout the day there are free foods I can eat so I decided to have some cucumber and oranges and then 2 more Garcinia Plus Soft Gels, I wait 30 minutes and then have another 120mls of the Aloe Vera Gel and then 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra Protein Powder with 300mls of semi skimmed milk. Now having tasted some pretty awful protein powders in the past I expected to struggle drinking this, but was pleasantly surprised by the taste, It tasted like a vanilla milkshake, very nice indeed and although there are a few recipes to add some flavour I didn't feel I needed to at all. I follow this with 1 more Forever Therm Tablet.

It's 5pm and I don't feel hungry and not craving anything, no headache or shakiness like I expected and I feel absolutely fine. Its time to have 2 more Garcinia Plus Soft Gels, wait another 30 minutes and have 120mls of Aloe Vera Gel, I am used to the taste now, but I take it in 2 mouthfuls as its not that great.

So we are at 8pm and I'm getting the kids ready for bed and will have an early one myself too, and its time for the last 120mls of Aloe Vera Gel, I am feeling great, I am impressed that I didn't crave the pancakes and bacon that the kids had earlier, or anything else! I am definitely in the right mindset for this programme, it's taken months of me deciding whether to try it or not, and it was worry of side effects that put me off, but this programme is nothing like other things I have tried, I know its only day 1 but usually on day 1 of a detox I feel absolutely awful, lets see how tomorrow goes and fingers crossed its as successful as today was.

To find out more about this programme pop over to Sheila's website below, and join her Facebook Page where she will happily talk to you about the benefits of Aloe Vera products.

See you back here tomorrow for Day 2 update.

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