Looking For a Discreet Way To Chew At School? - TRY THE PENCIL CASE


We know how important it is for our children not to stand out. We know that not everyone likes wearable items.


Introducing the Chewigem Pencil Case perfect for the school or even work setting.


Includes a fidgetable pencil case and chewable ruler, protractor, eraser and calculator!

As we developed this while working with the NAS we are donating 10% off all profits from the sale of these items back to them!


IMPORTANT - the ruler and protractor are not real but has about 5% accuracy - The calculator is not a functioning calculator.


The Pencil case itself although non-toxic is NOT designed for chewing, it is thin and would not last, but does make a good fidget with the bubbles on it.

Chewable Pencil Case Set


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